3DR’s UAV platforms capture breathtaking aerial imagery for consumer enjoyment and data analysis, enabling mapping, surveying, 3D modeling and more. Our technology is currently used across multiple industries around the world, including agriculture, photography, construction, search and rescue and ecological study. 3DR is committed to bringing the power of UAV technology to the mainstream market.


Founded in 2009 by Chris Anderson, founder of DIYDrones.com, and Jordi Munoz, 3D Robotics is a VC-backed startup with over 180 employees in North America and more than 28,000 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Berkeley, CA, 3DR operates engineering facilities in San Diego, sales and marketing in Austin, Texas, and manufacturing in Tijuana, Mexico.

Our Offices


San Diego

The hottest startup in San Diego, our sunny SoCal office houses our talented hardware engineering team along with our flight operations crew. Located only a half hour from our manufacturing facility in Tijuana, this bustling campus is where much of the magic happens.



3DR North is located in the heart of West Berkeley, a community known for its vibrant and diverse culture. This location is home to some of our core business functions, including operations and marketing, along with a growing team of R&D engineers.



The heart and soul of our manufacturing operations and call center, “3DR TJ” is our largest campus. The TJ team is dedicated to testing and shipping products and providing world-class customer support.



The office of 3DR’s sales and marketing team.

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