Ready to Fly

Inside the IRIS+ box is everything you need to fly. Simply attach the props, charge the battery, and you’re ready to fly manually with the included remote control or autonomously with a Mac, PC, Linux or Android device. 

Flight Protection

The IRIS+ can land itself automatically, or return to a home point if it travels out of range or runs low on battery.   

Follow Me

3DR’s 3PV™ (Third Person View) Follow Me technology turns your IRIS+ into a hands-free aerial camera crew that puts you in the middle of your adventure. The IRIS+ can easily follow and film you while carrying any GPS enabled Android device with OTG USB. This advanced technology simultaneously controls the gimbal to keep the camera centered on you, capturing sweeping cinematic video from a perspective unlike any other.

Auto Mission Planning

With free DroidPlanner 2 software, IRIS+ users can plan flights by simply drawing a flight path on any Android tablet or phone with built-in OTG capability, which allows for hands-free flight control. Now your drone will go where you tell it to go, and it can even keep your GoPro pointed at the same location via a Region of Interest waypoint throughout the entire flight. This enables fun autonomous journeys, and automatically stabilized video capture that would be otherwise impossible.

GoPro Ready

The IRIS+ personal drone is optimized to capture amazing GoPro aerial images right out of the box. IRIS+ comes with an integrated GoPro camera mount with a vibration dampener for aerial photography and video. If you are looking for the highest quality and most control for your aerial GoPro video, IRIS+ also has a purchase option for a Tarot gimbal. This gimbal provides stabilized, controllable, high-quality video and photo for GoPro users who desire it, and it enables control of camera angle manually or automatically.


• Ready-to-Fly IRIS+
• Transmitter
• 3DR telemetry radio
• Micro USB cable
• Android OTG cable
• Set of tall legs for IRIS+
• 5100mAh 3S battery
• LiPo charger
• Manual and flight checklist



Maximum payload: 400 g (.8 lb) payload capacity
Flight time: 16-22 minutes depending on payload
Height: 100 mm
Motor-to-motor dimension: 550 mm
Weight with battery: 1282 g


Autopilot hardware: Next generation 32-bit Pixhawk with Cortex M4 processor
GPS: uBlox GPS with integrated magnetometer
Controller: Any PPM compatible RC unit, Preconfigured FlySky FS-TH9x RC
Telemetry: 3DR Radio 915mHz or 433mHz


Propellers: (2) 9.5 x 4.5 tiger motor multi-rotor self-tightening counterclockwise rotation, (2) 9.5 x 4.5 tiger motor multi-rotor self-tightening clockwise rotation
Motors: 950 kV
GPS: uBlox GPS with integrated magnetometer
Mounts: Integrated GoPro camera mount with vibration dampener
Optional: Tarot brushless gimbal with custom IRIS+ mounting kit
Battery: 5100 mAh 3S


The IRIS+ drone by 3D Robotics is all you need to start seeing and sharing your world from above.  Starting at $750, with optional gimbal for $210.


Alex PaskulinIRIS+ Personal Drone