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Improvement updates

Pixhawk adjustment instructions
Pixhawk adjustment guide
Pixhawk adjustment video tutorial
Motor screw replacement instructions

User guides

Operation Manual
Flight Checklist
Tall Leg Assembly Instructions
Copter safety information
Troubleshooting Guide
APM:Copter software instructions

Video tutorials

Unboxing and Setup Guide
Charging the Battery
Software Setup
Key Flight Modes
Preflight Steps
Your First Flight
Installing and Operating the Gimbal
Mission Planning
Practicing Safe Flying
Re-Calibrating the Accelerometer
Re-Calibrating the ESC
Re-Calibrating the Compass
Updating the Firmware
Binding the Transmitter

Tarot gimbal

Setup and operation instructions
Tarot GoPro Video Cable User Guide
Important note: When using a GoPro with IRIS, always ensure that the WiFi on your GoPro is turned OFF.

Setup instructions

Download software
Connect your own RC receiver to IRIS

DroidPlanner 2 ground station for Android

Download DroidPlanner 2

Mission Planner ground station

Download Mission Planner (Windows)
Mission Planner installation instructions
Using a ground station with Mission Planner PDF
Using a ground station with Mission Planner wiki page

APM Planner ground station

APM Planner download link (Mac OSX)
APM Planner Mac OSX installation instructions
Using a ground station with APM Planner
APM Planner download link (Windows)
APM Planner Windows installation instructions

Mission planning

Planning a mission in Mission Planner


Opening the Shell
Replacing the Arms
Replacing the Legs
Replacing the Motors
Wiring Guide

Listen to notification tones

Startup successful
Startup failed
Firmware update found, restart while holding the safety button
Firmware update successful
SD card missing
Low battery


Do I need to perform any software setup before my first flight?

  • No, the initial setup process has already been completed for you, and IRIS is ready to fly! When using Mission Planner or APM Planner, re-performing the calibrations on the initial setup screen, including the mandatory hardware configurations and setup wizard, can adversely affect the performance of your aircraft. After downloading Mission Planner or APM Planner, select the flight data or flight plan screens to get started planning missions and monitoring IRIS. Do not complete the setup wizard or perform any of the calibrations on the initial setup screen unless you are connecting an RC system.

  • mission planner no config diagram

Can I fly IRIS without an RC transmitter?

  • No, you cannot fly IRIS without a transmitter turned on and connected to IRIS. During an autonomous mission, IRIS will be controlled by the autopilot without input from the transmitter, but you should always keep the transmitter turned on and ready to use at any moment.

Where should I fly?

  • Choose an open, outdoor area away from people, buildings, and airports. IRIS will land automatically if it loses connection with the transmitter, runs out of battery, or loses GPS signal in a GPS-dependent mode. This means that you shouldn’t fly anywhere that a landing anywhere along the flight path would cause an unsafe situation for people or property. Make sure to check your local regulations for areas where RC flying is permitted; do not fly in areas where motorized vehicles or RC aircraft are prohibited. Many areas have designated RC flying fields where you can fly safely and legally. Don’t fly in a confined area like a small backyard or balcony.


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