This page is your complete source for 3D Robotics’ product documentation. For software documentation, visit the APM (formerly ArduPilot) open-source flight code project.


Ready-to-Fly Aero
Ready-to-Fly Y6
Ready-to-Fly X8
Pixhawk Autopilot
2014 DIY Y6
2014 DIY Quad
Tower for Android

Pixhawk Mapping Package

Bluetooth Data Link

Tarot Gimbal Kit for IRIS+/Quad/Y6/X8 (September 2014 and later)

Tarot Gimbal for RTF Quad, Y6, and X8

  • Setup and Operation
  • Important note: When using a GoPro with your vehicle, always ensure that the WiFi on your GoPro is turned OFF.

LiveView Kit for GoPro

Tarot GoPro Video Cable

APM 2.6 Autopilot

Telemetry Radio

u-blox GPS+Compass

PPM Encoder

Video/OSD Kit

GPS Mast

Pixhawk Digital Airspeed Sensor

Pixhawk External LED and USB

Video Transmitter Kit

Discontinued products


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