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Turn any RC plane, copter or rover into a full-featured personal drone. We’ve developed an autopilot system that is so advanced that there are virtually no limitations on operating your autonomous vehicle.

Backed by thousands of community members and developers, our new advanced autopilot system delivers incredible performance, flexibility and reliability for controlling any autonomous vehicle.

Pixhawk’s advanced features (with GPS module) include waypoint navigation and mapping, GPS positioning and follow-me mode, return to launch, automatic takeoff and landing, failsafe capabilities, and geo-fencing. Pixhawk options include a digital airspeed sensor, support for an external multi-color LED indicator and an external magnetometer.

Pixhawk offers advanced processor and sensor technology from 32-bit ST Microelectronics® and a NuttX real-time operating system, and was designed in collaboration with PX4, Zurich, Switzerland. 3DRobotics is the exclusive hardware manufacturer of PX4 electronics.

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