Learn how to convert Lattitude/Longitude coordinate to State Plane coordinates

This guide will teach you how to convert coordinates in case you were given or collected survey points in world coordinates but need state plane. You’ll need to have these coordinates in a CSV or TXT file. 

For this process, you will need to download and install QGIS in your computer. Either in Windows or Mac. 

  1. In QGIS, go to the top menu bar
  2. Click on Layer > Add Layer > Add Delimited Text Layer
  3. Click on “Browser” and select the CSV or TXT file with the coordinates to convert
  4. Select the number of row that you want to select (if there’s a labels row)
  5. Set the X field and Y fields. The “X field” must contain the Longitude and “Y field” must contain the Lattitude.
  6. Click on OK

7. From the following window, select WGS84 (indicating that the points are in Lat/Lon)

8. The points will now be displayed on the main view.
9. Right-click on the layer on the left side and click on Save As

10. From the dialog window select: 

  • Format CSV
  • Select a destination folder and rename your file
  • Select the destination coordinate system. You can use the filter bar and type the name or EPSG code of the target coordinate system. 

11. Then click OK for both windows

  • The new file will be in the destination folder that you chose and will contain your state plane coordinates. 

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