DEM to feet conversion

  • Download the Orthomosaic and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) *.zip folder from  Site Scan Manager
  • Unzip the file
  • Open OrthoElevation.tif DEM in QGIS
  • Open: Raster —> Raster Calculator
  • In “Raster bands”, double click the DEM, under “Operators” click “*” then in “Raster calculator expression” type: “3.28084” (or any other desired conversion factor).

Your expression should look like: “OrthoElevation@1” * 3.28084

  • In “Result Layer” —> “Output Layer” select a name (i.e. OrthoElevationFeet) then click Ok at the bottom of the window to process.

During this process, all elevation values of the DEM will be multiplied by 3.28084, giving elevation values in Feet.