Creating contours in Civil 3D

How to create contours using a point cloud

Pre-requisites: When using the Point Cloud from Site Scan, you’ll need to convert the LAS into an RCS file first.

1. Insert your RCS file into Civil 3D

2. Make sure all the options are marked as in the picture.

3. Select the point cloud and go to the “Create Surface from Point Cloud” button on the top.

4. Add a name
Style: Depending on the contour interval you need
Render Material: By Layer
Change the Distance between Points to 1 or 2 (these numbers typically generate good results. The higher the numbers, fewer points will be used to generate the surface)
Select a Filter, if necessary.

5. OPTIONAL. After the surface is created, you can hide the point cloud.

6. Select the surface and go to the “Extract from Surface” menu and select “Extract Objects”
Click on OK in the next dialog

7. Now you have the contours with the correct elevations.

If there’s any question or feedback, please contact your Customer Success Engineer for assistance.