Drones for Government use

Drones today are regulated by a dizzying range of US agencies, rules and guidelines, which are not only hard to understand but seem to always be in flux. This combination of patchwork-quilt regulations and uncertain risk factors have slowed commercial and government adoption of drones and limited their use in the field, which is unfortunate because the technologies themselves have continued to improve at a remarkable pace. They are indeed today ready for work at enterprise scale; the question is how to help enterprises — especially government agencies, which are most heavily restricted — get ready for them by simplifying and navigation regulatory and compliance hurdles.

The 3DR Solution

Seeing a need for an approved government UAV solution, 3DR created the H520-G — a custom vehicle, manufactured to 3DR’s specifications by Yuneec and running the 3DR-led Dronecode open-source software.

The software is digitally signed and provisioned on the vehicle in the United States in a secure facility under 3DR supervision. This process follows the DHS guidance regarding the distinction between commodity elements (plastics, batteries, motors) that can be made anywhere and “smart” elements (software) that should be more secure. In this case, the data pipeline is entirely controlled by 3DR software and thus the H520-G security is verifiable.

3DR H520-G UAV






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