What is “Type Certification?”

Type Certification, or “TC,” is the method by which the governing authority over aircraft safety certifies a model (or “type”) of aircraft as safe and airworthy. The United States the Department of Transportation, specifically the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) oversees this process.

3DR, working with the FAA and Auterion, a fellow partner in Dronecode, has helped create the certification process to achieve a TC for small unmanned aerial systems. This new sUAS Type Certification streamlines the process used for standard aircraft and makes it applicable to modern drone hardware.

This new streamlined UAS Type Certification process, creates a regulatory path for operations beyond the FAA Part 107 rule, including night flights, flying beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), and flights over people.

The Streamlined UAS TC Process

Achieving a Type Certification, even in the new streamlined UAS TC process, can be complicated and challenging. The testing procedures and certification are generally broken down into three major sections:

  1. Durability and reliability testing (D&R)
  2. Failure and performance testing
  3. Design requirements

Each one of these sections requires a variety of steps and standardized testing to meet compliance.

3DR Type Certification Consulting Services

In the first quarter of 2020, the 3DR H520-G drone will be the first UAS in the United States to achieve a Type Certification.

In helping to create the regulatory framework surrounding the streamlined UAS TC process, 3DR has the experience and tools required to prepare companies for this difficult process. Our compliance and test teams have worked with the FAA directly, and our expertise in navigating the TC process can help your company achieve compliance.

Working with partners like Yuneec, Auterion and Microsoft, we’ve helped a variety of companies work through this process.

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