Resizing Orthomosaics

Newer versions of Autodesk Civil3D may require resizing before opening large orthomosaics. If you’re having issues, you can try these steps:

  • Download and install QGIS 2.18.17 (Free software)
  • From your Start Menu open “QGIS Desktop 2.18.17”
  • Open the .tiff files in QGIS. (You can hide the Ortho by unchecking the box in the layer menu on the left for faster processing)
  •  On the top bar, navigate to Raster –> Conversion –. Translate (Convert Format)
  •  Select input layer and output file location and name
  •  Check “outsize” and select the percentage to which you want to reduce the Ortho resolution.
  •  Click OK
  • To open in Civil3D, use the command “mapiinstert” and select your resized .Tif file.