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3DR H520-G Support

For support or warranty information on the 3DR H520-G, contact our support team.

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Esri Site Scan

Starting March 30, 2020, 3DR Customer Success and Esri Technical Support will jointly assist Site Scan customers on technical support inquiries. Please reach out to us through the Esri email provided by your Customer Success Rep. 

For additional Account Management inquiries (Onboarding, new/beta features training, subscription questions, renewal follow up, etc.) you will still be able to contact your 3DR Customer Success Manager through already known communication channels (direct email).

Solo, Iris, and other discontinued legacy products

Although 3DR support for Solo, Iris and their associated apps ended in 2018 and those apps are no longer available, our commitment to open source ensured that the vehicles can continue to be used and even enhanced by the community. For Solo, we recommend the OpenSolo community project and the third-party Solex (Android) or SidePilot (IOS) apps. For Iris, both the ArduPilot or PX4 software projects work great.